Join the United Content Creators of SL group

If you are concerned about the recent changes to the Second Life Terms of Service it’s strongly recommended to join the open free group called United Content Creators of SL which was founded on 29th September 2013 by Kylie Sabra . This group is offering a strong approach to recent TOS changes and by working together will hopefully achieve so much.

This group needs backing with alot of support if there is going to be any impact at all.

So far there are 254 members in the group and it’s growing by the week. This is huge news and this recent TOS change effects so many people/places on the grid. Change has to happen at some point in the near future and hopefully Linden Lab will do something. The best thing is to participate today and spread the word.

This group consists of content creators who want to protect their rights and work for the common good of all content creators in Second Life. By working together we can achieve much. Please invite fellow creators..

CURRENT ISSUE; Linden Labs TOS as affects content creators.

More details visit the United Content Creators of SL group blog site.


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