The first 12 episodes of The Drax Files

The first 12 episodes of The Drax Files series have been very entertaining, fun and incredible to watch. It’s been great to find out the people behind the avatars from Second Life and in-depth info about various places around Second Life that I didn’t know much about. Every episode tells a fascinating story and the quality of the episodes is world class. I’m a big fan and I really do enjoy watching The Drax Files.

The first episode started back in March 2013 and since then the series has has received 51, 369 total views so far. The comments feedback has been great and with many people loving the new episodes. The series has been featured on the SL official blog by Linden Lab which is a good promotion for new residents joining.

Watch Episode 12 below featuring Ole Etzel > (Hamburg + Bones + VHS tapes)

Epsiode 10 details…

“The screen is my canvas on which I paint in a digital way” says Machinima maker Ole Etzel. 

The young family man from Hamburg, Germany is not bothered that most of his friends think the term “Machinima” describes a poor man’s attempt at imitating Pixar or equate it with hour-long Call-Of-Duty gameplay uploaded in unedited form onto YouTube. 

Ole is confident that over time people will understand that Machinima is in fact a unique and intricate art-form only limited by the artist’s imagination and the customizability of the game engine that serves as the virtual Hollywood studio. 

Democratizing short-film one Mr. Bones episode at a time: Ole is a man of the longview and Second Life is his world of choice!

Watch Episodes 1 to 12 below. For me it’s hard to pick a favourite episode because they are all awesome showcasing Second Life at it’s best.

I’m sure there are many ideas in the works for future episodes and I can’t wait to see them. Woooot!!!

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