Lumiya updates to version 2.5.5

Today there is a new version (2.5.5) of Lumiya available to download on Android (Google Play Store) and there are many new features added. More support, improvements and fixes are in this latest release which will make the experience better. The app is now 5.2M in size and costs £1.89 to buy with no monthly subscriptions.

Since the launch there has been 10,000 – 50,000 installs which is incredible and in recent years Lumiya has received alot of positive feedback and media blog coverage.  I use Lumiya app on my smartphone and tablet on a regular basis and it just rocks.

What’s new in Version 2.5.5 of Lumiya

  • Sliding gesture toggles between contact list and chat;
  • Partner information in user profiles;
  • Option to view chat logs within the app;
  • Support for llLoadURL();
  • Share option in inventory context menu;
  • Improved notifications;
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Inworldz;
  • Fixed incorrect clothing names in Wearing tab;
  • Reduced CPU load in busy locations.

Download and try out Lumiya app if you are interested in using the best app for Second Life on Android.


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