12 days until opening of BURN2 2013 in Second Life

It’s come around so fast again because there are just 12 days remaining until the grand opening of BURN2 2013 (Burning Man) in Second Life. BURN2 is resident community supported and is not run by Linden Lab. Every year the event gets better and bigger than the previous year. Hundred’s of visitors visit the regions and are greeted by helpful BURN2 volunteers. New builds, events and ideas make the annual BURN2 event a fun event to go to.

  • BURN2 2013 press day will be held on Thursday 17th October 2013
  • BURN2 2013 officially opens on Saturday 19th October through to Sunday 27th October 2013
  • Skin Burn 2013 will be held on Saturday 9th November 2013

BURN2 2013 Regions Map

BURN2 2013 sims

Building work is still on-going and the countdown continues to tick down. I’ll be blogging more very soon on BURN2 2013 so stay tuned. 🙂



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