InWorldz introduces new project called InShape

InWorldz has been working on a new project recently called InWorldz InShape which is a new application that “reads data from the accelerometer on your smart phone to provide the InWorldz virtual world with data on your movements that let us connect your stationary walking, running, or biking in real life with your avatar”.

This sounds awesome for sure and it’s a good way to keep healthy regularly.

Watch the Demo Preview!

  • Join the InShape beta group for the latest news.
  • Works with Lumiya viewer!

6 thoughts on “InWorldz introduces new project called InShape

  1. This is a wonderful Idea and good thing to see. As long as it has it name tied to InWorldz founders the ones that take away there customers freedom of speech while they take there money. Then it just another big screen like we been doing for years in the bicycle training industry.
    It always wonderful though to see things used this way. Tranq great Ideas and I will be trying it on my private home computer opensim grid. I tend to stay away from anything Elenia Llewellyn is part of.


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