Linden Lab announces SLShare

Today Linden Lab has announced SLShare on the official SL blog which is a brand new feature to share content with SL friends on Facebook. This may be a useful feature to have in the viewer instead of logging and sharing things directly from Facebook. SLShare is a “100% opt-in Viewer feature” to share updates, snapshots and check-in SL locations from in-world straight to the Facebook wall which sounds great. In the coming days/weeks this feature will be rolled out to all Second Life residents. Once it’s rolled out it comes with a opt-in feature with default privacy settings and a way of opting out again. This feature will be very similar to which has been very successful over the years.

Can I try this out now ?

SLShare isn’t yet available for everyone, but starting today, a certain percentage of users will begin to be able to access the feature, and we’ll soon rolling it out to everyone.

Check out the new video introduction by Torley Linden for more details…


UPDATE: On the SL wiki release notes page there is now a download link to try out SLShare on v3.6.7 (281331).

Second Life Share Viewer

In this limited release viewer, we offer a 100% Opt-In way to share status updates, upload photos and check-in to locations in Second Life, to Facebook. Users access this feature via a new floater button found in “Me>>Toolbar Buttons…” called Facebook.

The new floater includes tabs to access the three features along with an “Account” tab to log in and/or connect SL to your Facebook account. You can access the Help page for this floater. For more information on the feature itself, read the Knowledge Base article.

Until this feature reaches the default Release viewer, users must be running this viewer for this feature to be used.


My snapshots of the new SLShare feature today!


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