Dwarfins featured in The Drax Files: Episode 11

Drax recently shared The Drax Files: Episode 11 featuring Dwarfins which is absolutely brilliant and very cute. The episode runs for five minutes and I have to admit that I don’t know either about them so it was good to learn something different in Second Life. Every month Drax creates exciting different ideas for his Drax Files series.  It’s really worth subscribing to The Drax Files channel because it’s genius. 

Watch The Drax Files: Episode 11 below

Watch previous episodes  (1-10) of The Drax Files hereOne thing that I would love for Drax to produce is machinimas from OpenSim grids which I’m sure would be a good thing to do. In the mean time I really do love the new episodes of this current season. 😀

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1, 000 likes

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