Pixie Viewer interesting stats

Earlier this month OSCC13 took place and the Pixie Viewer team did a presentation about the Pixie Viewer which is web browser-based for virtual 3D environments including OpenSim. I signed up to Pixie Viewer on 19th March 2013 and then I blogged about version 2.0.0 on 3rd April 2013 with a revamped user interface. On the Pixie Viewer blog there is presentation slides and a mp4 video worth checking out. In the PDF I managed to find some interesting stats worth pointing out.

Pixie Viewer Timeline..

  • Pixie Viewer project started in July 2012 
  • First tweet in February 2013 / Pixie Viewer goes iPad
  • 500 new registrations in March 2013
  • 1, 200 registered users in April 2013
  • Pixie Viewer team went to OSCC13 
  • More than 6 major companies connected to the Pixie Grid Network

Pixie Viewer release plans…

  • July 2012 – Dev/Alpha 
  • May 2013 – Commercial/Beta
  • December 2013 – Public 

At the moment the Pixie Viewer is in the commercial phrase (May 2013 to December 2013) and it’s due to go into the public phrase sometime between December 2013 to May 2014 which should be very interesting. I’m sure once it goes public then there will be more interest in the Pixie Viewer. I would love to see more developments in the user interface and in-world experience. There is potential for the Pixie Viewer and hopefully next year it will be very successful indeed.