Metaverse Week In Review hits six years old

A big milestone was reached earlier this month which was the 6th anniversary of Metaverse Week In Review. Every sunday for the past six years at midday the show went on air to the metaverse hosted by Malburns Writer and Tara Yeats which is just an incredible amount of time. I watch the show on a weekly basis on sundays evenings in the UK (12pm SLT) and sometimes the repeats in the first part of the week to catch up on SL news.

It’s one of the longest SL live shows and one of the most interesting shows out there for Second Life news. I highly recommend anyone interested in the metaverse to watch the weekly sunday show. The first broadcast was aired on 12th September 2007 which was presented live through Operator 11 and today it’s streamed though livestream.

Happy 6th Birthday and lets hope the 7th year will be amazing.

Watch Metaverse Week In Review Here


Metaverse Journal says Goodbye

I’ve just heard recently that the well known Second Life Metaverse Journal has closed down publishing which is sad news. I really enjoyed reading Lowell Cremorne blog posts about the SL metaverse etc. Metaverse Journal started way back in 2006 when the SL economy was growing and there were many things happening on the grid to talk about. There were posts by other contributors: Feldspar Epstein, Graham Sabre and Wolfie Rankin. Over the years the Metaverse Journal has mentioned my blog about the big news at that specific time and there have been posts mentioning news on Linden Lab, OpenSim & SL education.

Official statement by Lowell Cremorne on the clousre of The Metaverse Journal…

I’m not sure how many people will see this post, but I thought I’d jump in to state the somewhat obvious – that The Metaverse Journal is pretty much no more. It hasn’t been regularly updated in well over a year – not because my interest has flagged but because I plain don’t have enough time to devote to this site AND work on my further studies that involve virtual worlds. I still have 3-4 years of that study to go, so I’d rather draw a line in the sand rather than leave things hanging.

Metaverse Journal

Metaverse Journal may resume in another 3-4 years time which should be interesting and i’m sure the metaverse would of moved on alot by then.