Facebook integration coming to SL Viewer 3.6.6

On the Second Life wiki 3.6.6 Map File page it appears that Facebook integration will be scheduled to be released into the SL Viewer 3.6.6 next week. This will be big news for sure to post to Facebook from Second Life. As many know already snapshots/text can be shared with the online SL web profiles and Snapzilla.

The official Second Life Facebook page now has 320,414 likes/fans so perhaps its time to go more mainstream into the SL viewer. In the near future it would be good perhaps to have Plurk, Twitter & Google+ to be integrated into the SL viewer.

Second Life Share Coming Soon

The Post to Facebook window is part of the Second Life Share feature, which allows you to post to Facebook from Second Life. Second Life Share is an opt-in feature that requires your permission before sharing any information with Facebook. For more information, see Second Life Share in the Second Life Knowledge Base.

Check out Viewerhelp:Post to Facebook for more details about this upcoming feature. Will you be using this new Second Life Share feature next week ?


8 thoughts on “Facebook integration coming to SL Viewer 3.6.6

  1. Facebook have a pretty strict policy on using your real name and identity (many people who have Facebook accounts for their Second Life avatar are periodically culled when Facebook find out, and are living on borrowed time if they have not yet been).
    So from this, we can only conclude that Linden Lab are once egain eroding the whole immersionism that gave rise to the name “Second Life” and pushing Residents yet further towards “Extended First Life”.


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