Logging into Virtual Highway grid for the first time

Today I signed up for Virtual Highway which is an opensim grid offering a complete role-play world to live out wildest dreams. The grid has been running since 2009 when it opened to the public and has been growing since then. The servers run a quad-core quad with 32 gigs of memory with 1 gigabyte network switches. At the moment the grid has 239 total regions, 1484 total regions with 172 active residents that have logged in during the past 30 days. It’s a rather small grid when looking at the whole map but the grid offers many interesting things. The signup process is straightforward and which should take a few minutes to complete. Virtual Highway grid requires Imprudence, Firestorm or Singularity viewers to log into the grid.

FREE LAND is available on Virtual Highway currently for residential use only. The free islands offers 312 prims on 4, 096 sq. meters. This is a great for new residents to make a perfect home on the virtual highway grid.

This snapshot shows the Virtual Highway Website 

Virtual Highway

This snapshot shows the Virtual Highway grid map… 

Virtual Highway

This snapshot shows the Virtual Highway landing point… 

Virtual Highway

Virtual Highway groups to join…

  • Virtual Highway
  • Virtual Highway Chat & Fun
  • Builders Guild
  • Scripting Support
  • Events-2-Enjoy
  • Advertising/Werberng/Pub/Promo
  • VH Events

The Virtual Highway website is great to navigate with good content to get started I think. The landing point is very welcoming with many areas to visit and it’s a great place to start the virtual highway adventures. The latest news is that Virtual Highway team have lowered the price of 40, 000 prim full regions to $60 USD per month with the mainland price being $50 USD per month for 15, 000 prim regions with no setup fees. On the official website points out that Virtual Highway is NOT HyperGrid-Enabled at the bottom of the page.  There are many places to visit on Virtual Highway at the welcome center on the Landmark board and there is a showcase page on the website worth checking out.

Join Virtual Highway today if you are interested in exploring opensim grids!

8 thoughts on “Logging into Virtual Highway grid for the first time

  1. Daniel thank you for the great review of Virtual Highway. I am sorry I missed you, But we look forward to seeing you inworld in the future. If you didn’t have the time we will be glad to give you a tour when you come back in. Thanks Gene VH grid co-owner


    1. The Highway runs through it. great article. you I was djing there the other night and had no lag issues and we had 35 people there. i also had a chance to test the linux VirtualHighway viewer. seem fast and stable. I was streaming mp4 and also mp3 and no problem people just danced away.
      The best thing i liked was landing there and already had an AO with a good avatar.
      I found plenty of skins shapes but there was a creator there made me a custom skin .
      here is the link to the Linux Viewer for you Linux fans.


  2. It has been very exciting landing on a grid that just works and is fast wow. I like to Thank the owners of the grid for letting me come there with my friends and trouble shoot some open sim viewers. The staff that has configured the open simulator has done a great job .
    Search is working and browse is working. Plus he is working on a newer faster events search right now.
    The best thing that happen to my friends was they came here and brought there stores and was given a chance to share. What I mean is the owner of the grid is a team player they have sims used by content creators and the creators only give a percentage of sales instead of paying a tier.
    This is a limited special but wow what a way to kick start the good fast rezzing simulator.
    yes there is work and jobs there if you like to build free uploads.:)
    I found firestorm worked well and Singularity has been just wonderful on that grid.
    I have a build of a mesh deformer viewer i built that I will start testing there very soon.
    if works out there may be a new mesh deformer viewer on that grid.

    Get on the High way and let rock and roll. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful review! Thank you Daniel. If we can show you anything else on our beautiful grid, please let us know! Virtual Highway is our dream and we hope others choose to also make it theirs. Tiffany Magic, VH grid, Opensim


  4. It was very nice to meet you in Virtual Highway Daniel. It’s good of you to post such a nice write-up of VH. I must admit I love it there, it’s now my permanent virtual home!


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