3 years on InWorldz

It’s been three years since I joined InWorldz grid which is an incredible milestone for me I think.  InWorldz was one of the first grids I joined outside of Second Life (main grid) and one of my SL friends invited me to join. I signed up on 2nd September 2010 and since then InWorldz has grown in size so much.

InWorldz is very popular and the grid continues grow in terms of signups, active users and regions. I love InWorldz because the community is very helpful, friendly and caring around the clock. There have been so many changes and great improvements to InWorldz since I joined which is always a good thing to stay on any grid. The founders are just incredible and I would like to say thanks for making InWorldz grid rock since I joined.

InWorldz Login Screen on 2nd September 2010..

InWorldz login screen 2010

InWorldz welcome area on 2nd September 2010..

InWorldz 2010

InWorldz login screen on 9th September 2013

InWorldz login screen - September 2013

Bear bowling time on the new InWorldz Desert Island on 9th September 2013

3 years on InWorldz

Wooot, 3 years and more years to come. 😀