First OpenSim Community Conference starts this weekend

2 days to go until the first ever OpenSim Community Conference opens officially to the public on the conference grid. Final preparations are underway to make sure everything is working correctly and for the last minute touches to be made. The latest big news this week that there will be a final kick-off load test happening today at 12pm SLT at the Expo Zone regions.

Join the OSCC Load Testers group to access the regions and find out the latest updates. Login Details can be found here. It’s highly recommended that everyone should be using either OSCC Viewer, Kokua, Firestorm, Singularity or another supported viewer with voice and mesh.

The regions open officially at 7am on Saturday 7th September 2013 and it’s expected there will be a high attendance. Here is an updated FULL Conference Schedule showing all presentations, speakers, attendees and sponsors. It’s going to be really good and interesting hopefully.

Snapshot shows OpenSim Keynote Zone 1 as of today. 

OpenSim Keynote Zone 1

New map at the OpenSim Keynote Zone 1 showing where everything is located to. 

OpenSim Keynote Zone 1

Everyone is welcome to attend and i’ll be blogging about my experience/news at the weekend. Stay tuned for that!


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