Happy 3rd Birthday, Firestorm Viewer

Firestorm Viewer is now celebrating it’s third birthday anniversary over at Firestorm Support Region in Second Life and the party is now way underway. Wow, can you believe it’s been three years ?

Teleport Now and join the party right now!

Firestorm turns 3

  • Most popular and one of the most used third party viewers out there 
  • More viewer team members than ever before (since launch)
  • More than 284,000+ Firestorm users (estimated number via firestorm team) 
  • Great communications & excellent support 
  • So many awesome features in the viewer 

Special thanks to all Firestorm developers, volunteers and testers for working so hard on this amazing viewer and making it really successful over the years. It’s one of my favourite third party viewers and I love trying out new features/developments.


Firestorm turns 3

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Firestorm turns 3

It’s coming to eat me lol 

Firestorm turns 3

Lets celebrate and party!


Virtual Ability Island hosting IDRAC 2013 on 27/28th September

Virtual Ability Island will be hosting the International Disability Rights Advocacy Conference in Second Life on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of September 2013. 

At the conference there will be information about the wider community of disability rights affirmation from around the world. There will be panels of people talking about facts, figures about disability rights where they live.  

Confirmed presenters at this time include:

• an education professor speaking about inclusive education
• an executive from the Center for International Rehabilitation


Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE) who will talk on World Report on Disability

• a physics teacher for Deaf students from the US
• an expert on inclusive emergency preparedness
• a facilities accessibility evaluator from the Netherlands
• a staffer from the Job Accommodation Network about facilitating employment
• a professor from Ghana who will talk about health care literacy among people with disabilities
• an expert on the training of community-based rehabilitation personnel in South Africa
• researchers on support systems for women living with chronic pain

Mark this conference on your calendar today and come along to find out more.