Big SL events to attend during September 2013

It’s 1st September and summer is almost over again. The start of Autumn is later month so here is a list of big SL events to attend during September 2013 in Second Life/OpenSim.


Event Listings for September 2013 

Check out Featured Events for more great events to attend this month and feel free to share your favourites in comments!


The Drax Files episode 10 featuring Robin Sojourner

Episode 10 of The Drax Files is now available to watch and this time the machinima features Robin Sojourner talking about balancing online in Second Life and offline life. It’s very inspirational and informative during episode 10 with cool music. The graphic detail is unbelievable and so detailed in every part of the machinima series.

The Drax Files Episode 10

Machinima by award-winning media maker Draxtor and home of “The Drax Files World Makers” series. 

Happy 3rd Birthday Avination grid

Avination grid is celebrating it’s third birthday on OpenSim this weekend and it’s bigger than ever before. Visit the AVN3B Event Area and celebrate with the Avination team/community. There are nine regions to explore this year full of amazing quality builds and much more. It’s expected that there will be larger audience than in previous years and i’m sure that everyone will have fun this year.

AVN3B Event List – 31st August /1st September 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Avination

AVN3B regions map – Wow, 9 regions this year! 

Avination 3rd birthday sims

The party is under-way at the main stage of AVN3B

Happy 3rd Birthday Avination

Happy 3rd birthday! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Avination

More snapshots of AVN3B can be found on my SL Flickr stream.