Kitely Market opens for business

The Kitely Market is now officially open for business after an official announcement on the Kitely official blog made on Friday 30th August 2013. This is very good news for the Kitely community because so much hard work has gone into creating this new marketplace. The Kitely team have been working on this new marketplace for more than 6 months and the hopefully it will become popular like the SL marketplace in the months ahead.

Check out the new Kitely Market here.

Kitely Market opens


What are your views on the new open Kitely marketplace ? Please share in comments!


3 thoughts on “Kitely Market opens for business

  1. I think this is excellent news for the Metaverse.

    A new, innovative, and forward-thinking MP that will also deliver content outside of Kitely soon. [so they say]

    Content creators have a new and awesome way to sell and buyers have a cool MP interface to find what they want and/or need.

    Couple this with the lowest pricing structure for regions in the Meta, mega-regions, OAR up/downloading [no more lost time or worry about grid errors or account access removal after time, money and effort has been put into developing regions] and I expect to see this grid boom.


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