Trip to the OSGrid Welcome Station

Today I took a trip to the OSGrid Welcome Station where newcomers arrive the first time they log in. It’s a great welcoming station with loads to see along the pathway marked with green dots. The welcome station has freebies, shopping info and tutorials to get started on the OSGrid. Sign up to OSGrid or visit the inworld location to look around.

Hypergrid Business reported mid-August 2013 OSGrid has 3, 773 active users and 10, 971 regions. OSGrid is growing and recently there has been a increase in signups/visitors which is a good sign.

OSgrid Welcome Station 2013

OSGrid Stats (28th August 2013)

  • Users in-world: 61
  • Hypergrid Vistors: 13
  • Total Regions: 11140
  • Active users (last 30 days): 3676
  • Total Users: 92126

OSgrid Welcome Station 2013

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OSgrid Welcome Station 2013
Once completed the welcome station the journey begins on OSGrid with many places to visit….

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