Server Side Appearance will be grid wide this week

Linden Lab announced today on the Second Life official blog that Server Side Appearance will be grid wide this week either on Tuesday or Wednesday night if everything goes to plan. This is very exciting news and this roll out has been planned for many months now. It’s very important to update to server side capable viewers to see the full benefits of project sunshine.

Roll out phrases

Tuesday 20th August

  • Starting in the morning Linden Lab will start updating main channel regions with SSA
  • Progress will be made during the day in stages
  • Possible completion – TBC

Wednesday 21st August

  • The remaining regions will be updated with SSA
  • Server Side Appearance will be officially grid wide

The wait is almost over!!



New Promo Video & Map for OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013

A new promo video has been published for the upcoming first ever OpenSimulator Community Conference. The conference starts at 7am PDT on 7th September 2013 on the opensim conference grid. The preview video below lasts for 2 minutes and 40 seconds showcasing the main conference areas. The excitement is building up in the SL/opensim community with two weeks to go until the opening.  I log into opensim grids on a regular basis and the experience for me has been rather interesting. I’ll be interested to hear more about opensim during the duration and hopefully there will be big new developments announced.

On the OpenSimulator Community Conference there is now a Map page worth looking at showing all the conference regions for 2013. To visit the regions visit the Login page for more details.

Opensim Conference Map 2013

Will you be attending the first ever opensim community conference ?