New update on SL TOS causing confusion

Linden Lab have updated the Second Life terms of service today which everyone has to agree to log in. There is alot of confusion on whats new in the TOS. Check out the latest discussions below:



4 thoughts on “New update on SL TOS causing confusion

  1. I wish LL would give their communications people a kick. All this fuss and worry could be easily cured by posting a timely blog announcement BEFORE they force TOS changes on us.


  2. Inara Pey in her blog at states the following:
    “The new ToS appears to be an attempt to provide a single, all-encompassing document which can be applied to all of the Lab’s properties and products. As such, it should not be taken as referring purely to Second Life.

    To help with this distinction, the new ToS is presented on Linden Lab corporate web page, as distinct from the Second Life-branded web page, and is linked-to from other LL properties with the (current) exception of Desura, which continues to have its own ToS for the present.”

    “ment, which has been completely reshuffled and should actually be read through as a result. There are some significant changes in both wording and content, including, but not limited to (from an SL perspective):

    – A major set of updates to the dispute resolution / arbitration section (Section 10)
    – A new section (Section 7) on Infringement Notifications, including notes on the DMCA process
    – The removal of any need for LL to provide a 30-day grace period following any Material Change to the ToS. All changes, Material or otherwise, will now come into immediate effect on publication of the updated ToS to the relevant services. The onus on keeping up with changes to the ToS is now with users.”


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