New snapshots of the Kitely Plaza

Check out my new snapshots of the Kitely Plaza taken today looking incredible. It’s worth visiting if you are signed up with Kitely because there are many great builds and things to see here on all 4 regions. Kitely Plaza is rather quiet at the moment and hopefully soon visitors/greeters will start arriving on a regular basis.

Kitely Plaza is the official Kitely community center. Here you can find people who will be happy to introduce you to Kitely and help you get started. This world is being actively built by members of the Kitely user community and many things are still under construction.

Kitely Plaza summer!

Kitely Telehub

Kitely Telehub_001

Kitely Telehub

Kitely Telehub

Kitely Telehub

There are many other popular places to visit in Kitely which can be found on the Public Worlds page.

Will you be visiting the new Kitely Plaza ? 


5 thoughts on “New snapshots of the Kitely Plaza

    1. I was looking around today and I agree there are many nice builds around the 4 regions. The only problem its very empty like a ghost town and I hope for visitors etc to arrive around the clock in the coming weeks/months.


      1. Hi Daniel,

        There are more than 4100 regions on Kitely and most active users spend most of their time in activity-specific virtual worlds (most of which are private).

        You can see some of the public Kitely worlds in our Public Worlds page: – the ones currently listed first usually have people inside them (this list changes as people move around).


  1. and, fyi, this is a 4 region mega…no sim crossing issues at all-)) a common thing done in Kitely and the only commercial grid to offer them and up to 16 mega regions they offer.


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