First Preview of OpenSim Community Conference Area

Today I had a sneak preview of the new conference area which will be used for the upcoming OpenSim Community Conference which takes place on 7th-8th September 2013. The keynote area looks very good with big screens around the outside with help info boards for links. The Red, Orange, Blue and Green chairs in the middle marks the different conference areas (buildings outside) on the region. I’m really excited about the first annual opensim community conference and hopefully interesting things will be discussed.

Conference Grid

Conference Grid

Conference Grid

I’ll be covering blog coverage very soon on this first annual opensim conference! Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “First Preview of OpenSim Community Conference Area

  1. I went to 2 also, which tells me that that’s all there were. actually only one successful and the last I attended was a flop. I’m hoping for better next load test, but seeing no textures in the roads and such tells me not to get hopes up too high. But that wont sway me from attending the test if I can. textures rule tommorow!! let’s go with that one shall we? 🙂


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