Linden Lab updates Pricing for Educational and Nonprofit Institutions

Today Linden Lab announced updated pricing for educational and Nonprofit Institutions in Second Life which comes into effect immediately. This is really good news and it’s a good step in the right direction I think to get educational organizations to come back to SL again. This applies to full regions, homesteads and open spaces apparently.

What’s changed ? 

We’re pleased to announce an update to Second Life pricing for educational and nonprofit institutions. Effective immediately, any accredited educational institution or any organization with a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit tax status (or equivalent) is eligible for a 50% discount on private region set-up costs and a 50% discount on private region maintenance costs.

As long-time Second Life users will note, the discount on maintenance costs is similar to a discount previously offered to these organizations. More recently, after reviewing our pricing, we have been offering this discount directly to individual organizations, but today we are happy to formalize this pricing, extend the discount to also include set-up costs, and open applications for all that are eligible.

For more details on the offer, including how to apply, please see the wiki page here

Organizations eligible for this discounted pricing are also eligible for invoicing of the private region costs. Invoices must include a minimum of six months of maintenance. Additional details can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Linden Lab updates Pricing for Educational and Nonprofit Institutions

  1. This maybe part of a price drop across the board as a 3 stage tier drop of 25% is likely to happen in next 90 days for all residents on private islands & 30% mainland, Just a guess


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