Rod Humble plays with Oculus Rift in Second Life

This week a new photo has been released showing Rod Humble playing with the Oculus Rift in Second Life which looks really interesting and exciting. Oculus Rift will hopefully bring more people into Second Life which should be great news. There is potential here and its the next big thing for SL I think. I’m glad to see Rod is having fun and testing it out.

Good progress is being made and more testing needs to be done apparently.

Oculus Rift is expected for a public launch in late summer 2013. It’s almost here!


6 thoughts on “Rod Humble plays with Oculus Rift in Second Life

  1. Is this thing going to require people to play strictly in first person mode, or will we still be able to use it in third person mode? I suffer from motion sickness and can’t do anything first person, as it gives me a headache then makes me feel like I am going to puke. ><


  2. Unless their have been dramatic changes in vr headsets as Serra mentioned they are notorious for causing motion sickness.i forget its name but there was a 3d sl viewer a few years ago used the red green glasses.and lol yes it gave me a headache .3d requiring glasses is a fad it’s not good enough.


  3. There are a number of issues with VR headsets – beyond motion sickness.

    1. Access to the user interface.
    2. Controlling your avatar’s movement and camera view.
    3. Other sorts of interaction (touching and/or manipulating objects, communications etc).
    4. Being unable to see the hardware you use to control the application (keyboard, mouse, 3D mouse, joystick, whatever).

    SL is an application that relies heavily on fiddling with the UI. How will a user be able to interact with others and with various objects within SL using only the Oculus Rift? Will the final product also include a camera to blend a view of input devices as the user looks down? I don’t have many reasons to expect something like that. Or will Oculus Rift users be expected to be experienced touch-typists?

    Perhaps they’ll put out something like the Nintendo Power Glove – another super flop from the time VR was first being hyped up by the industry. Or a pair of such gloves. But that’ll basically involve wearing at least one more potentially bulky device, which might also be quite expensive.

    On its own, Oculus Rift provides only a super-cool way to look at things in SL, but precious little in the way of interaction. What about movement, for instance?

    True, VR headsets have their uses. They’re great for immersive visualisation. They can be fantastic for simulation, especially flight simulation with HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) setups. But will Oculus Rift replace our classic input metaphor? No, because it’s expensive and less convenient.


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