OSG6B new details leaked

There is a new update posted in the OSGrid Forums on the upcoming 6th birthday of OSGrid on the dates and regions. This year OSG6B will kick off on Friday 2nd August to Sunday 4th August 2013. There will be regions for OSGrid and there is a need for exhibitors to build for the birthday celebrations. A special event region will be available for live events, parties, dj tunes and more.

If you are interested in OSG6B then IM Key Gruin or Sarah Kline to setup your plot.

OSG6B regions – 10th July 2013

OSG6B regions

OSGrid Stats – 10th July 2013

  • Users in world : 43
  • Hypergrid Visitors : 18
  • Total Regions : 10, 336
  • Active users (last 30 days) : 3, 168
  • Total Users : 90, 705



6 thoughts on “OSG6B new details leaked

  1. OSGrid Stats – 10th July 2013
    – Users in world : 43
    – Total Regions : 10, 336

    Really? Or is the statistical system broken?
    I mean, more than 10,000 regions and 43 users online? That sounds very desolate.

    Yesterday I visit a concert in Second Life and there were 55 users on a quarter region. 🙂


    1. 13th July 2013 it reads this and I’m not sure if the statistical system is broken or if its showing the right numbers. I guess the website OSgrid owner etc would know.

      Users in world: 66
      Hypergrid Visitors: 17
      Total Regions: 10344
      Active users (last 30 days): 3140
      Total Users: 90788
      Grid is ONLINE


  2. When i entered OSgrid the 1st time i was as well scared by what looked like a desolated place!
    As son as i entered i was tlp to Lb Plaza and found that was not quite as deloated as it looks like.
    When i was exploring a few random regions i ended always findiing someone when i less expected!
    Still, even with hypergrid, the pattern seems to host your own grid and that can never be measured, so you can end having 2000 users online, most on their private grids, jumping to the big ones when needed!
    Now, if you really look for fast interaction on the metaverses for sure open sim is not the place i’ll recommend even if by personal experience i can say the contrary, i login in OSgrid and 2 hours after was having virtual sex already, lol!


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