BURN2 SL 2013 plots now available

If you are interested in this year’s BURN2 event for 2013 in Second Life then apply for a plot today. The playa is OPEN for plot applications and plot lottery is back. BURN2 2013 will start on Saturday 19th to Saturday 27th October 2013. There are now 103 days to go until the grand opening which should be great fun as usual. BURN2 is resident supported event and is not run by Linden Lab.

New setup this year!

BURN2 - InfoHub and Plot Sales

Great looking infohub this year and nice signs for BURN2 2013. On the left don’t press the big red button but there are links to find out more about the plot availability this year.

BURN2 - InfoHub and Plot Sales 2013

BURN2 2013 countdown clock looking amazing!

BURN2 - InfoHub and Plot Sales 2013

Will you be applying for a plot this year ?


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