Visit 4th of July Town

Today 4th July marks Independence Day for the U.S and its time to celebrate this historical day. In Second Life there are many celebrations taking place to mark 4th of July and I recommend visiting 4th of July Town in Second Life because its really amazing. The town is worth a visit because there are many freebies, fireworks, yummy food, events and friendly people in the town.

4th of July Town

4th of July Town

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Teleport to 4th of July Town

Cool American Jet Planes flying around the town 

4th of July Town

4th of July Town looking fantastic this year 

4th of July Town

Yummy food to eat to mark the special occasion 

4th of July Town

4th of July fireworks to watch with the statue of liberty being featured in the distance!

4th of July Town

Lets celebrate! 


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