Historical Maps of Second Life Birthdays

Here are some cool historical SL birthday region maps of previous Second Life Birthdays celebrations and I managed to find cool SL birthday maps from SL4B to SL11B. This post will be kept updated on a yearly basis…
















The structure of the birthday sims and design has changed alot since SL4B. Hopefully the next 11 years we will see more SL birthday map changes and interest. 🙂

SL10B History Walk

It’s really worth checking out the SL10B History Walk at the SL Community Celebrations to see history of Second Life and historical objects. The historical walk is very interesting and its a great way to find out about Second Life from 2002 in beta to 2013 today. Walk through the ages of Second Life. After you have completed the walk its worth walking to the SL10B Welcome Area, Avatar Central and Time Capsule area in the SL10B Beguile region. The Man and other historical areas can be found nearby. All areas are linked by a path and small info boards can be found along the way.

Arrival at the SL10B History WalkSLURL

  • Check out SL History from 2002 to 2013 on Info Boards and Objects from those years!

SL10B History Walk

Avatar Central area – SLURL

  • Check out this historical Linden-owned store which uses recreated parts and textures

SL10B History Walk - Avatar Central

SL10B Welcome AreaSLURL

  • Visit the recreated “Newbie Corral” Welcome Area which uses vintage primwork based on archival inworld snapshots.
  • SL10B Greeters can be found here who do a great job every year on welcoming visitors!

SL10B History Walk - SL10B Welcome Area

SL10B Time Capsule areaSLURL

  • View the historical SL birthday time capsules.
  • The SL10B Time Capsule has been delayed. Hopefully it will be available soon!

SL10B History Walk - SL10B Time Capsule Area

What do you think of these SL10B Historical Areas ? 

SL10B Cake

Check out this year’s SL10B Cake which is high above the SL10B Cake Stage which looks very tasty and yummy. Teleport to SL10B Cake Stage and have some cake to celebrate this historical occasion today. 🙂

For the anniversary of Second Life in 2013

SL10B Cake

The cake high up 

SL10B Cake

Flying in shot of the SL10B Cake Stage 

SL10B Cake Stage

Dancing at the SL10B Cake Stage

SL10B Cake Stage


SL10B Opening Day

After months and weeks of preparations the SL10B regions are now officially open to everyone to explore and have fun. Time to celebrate 10 amazing years of Second Life. Thanks to Linden Lab for making Second Life possible. Over the next week or so I’ll be blogging about SL10B so stay tuned for that.

Important Links

  • #SL10B – tweet about SL10B using the #SL10B hashtag!
  • SLURLS – visit the main stages and points of interest 
  • SL10B DESTINATIONS – list of SL10B places via The SL Destination Guide
  • LIVE EVENTS – attend live performance events 
  • LATEST SNAPSHOTS – see the latest SL10B snapshots from the SL community
  • SL10B FREEBIES – Many freebies via SL Marketplace

The SL10B Community Celebration is now OPEN for 2 weeks. Keep checking below for the latest news and updates during the day. For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging mainly about SL10B unless something big happens on the grid.

The SL10B Community Celebration is Second Life’s 10th anniversary resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 at noon slt to June 29. This year, we have 22 sims cram-packed with art, exhibitions, information, and events.

Grand Opening Schedule:

  • SL10B Regions Open to everyone at 12pm SLT then live SL10B music events take place for 1 week
  • Special Opening Ceremony at 1pm SLT – special flags

X‘s marks the spot for the SL10B flags!

SL10B Map Flags


My SL10B Blog Coverage! – 

  • 2:30pm SLT – End of blog coverage for opening day. More posts to come in the coming days with reviews on my visit around the sims.
  • 2:20pm SLT – Everyone is having a great time and there’s been a big attendance on all events so far today!

SL10B Astonish Auditorium

  • 1:05pm SLT – Flags go up to mark SL10B

SL10B flags

  • 12:48pm SLT – Just counted there are 640+ avatars in 22 SL10B regions at the moment.
  • 12:30pm SLT – The SL10B regions are packed and very busy as expected. The party is underway at the main stages and around the regions. SL10B greeters are welcoming new visitors at the SL10B Welcome Area (top middle sim).
  • 12pm SLT – SL10B regions are now OPEN – Lets celebrate 10 years of Second Life!


SL10B opening

  • 11:55am SLT – 5 minutes left to go until the grand opening
  • 11:45am SLT – 15 minutes!
  • 11:35am SLT – Sims start to slowly fill up with people.
  • 11:30am SLT – Moderated chat has started in SL10B inworld groups!
  • 11:30am SLT – 30 minutes to GO and it’s almost time to celebrate 10 years of Second Life!
  • 11:15am SLT – 45 minutes to GO!
  • 11:02am SLT –  New blog post via SL10B website > Join us at SL10B Community Celebration for the Special Opening Ceremony!
  • 11am SLT – 1 hours to go and final checks are happening right now. It’s worth looking at Ekphrasis Live-at-SL10B blog post via Prim Perfect including details about interviewing artists at the SL10B celebrations.
  • 10:40am SLT – 1 hour and 20 minutes to GO!
  • 9:20am SLT – Grand Opening at 12pm SLT. There will be a big event happening at 1pm SLT today – announcement to be made at 12:40pm SLT today!
  • 9am SLT – 3 hours left to go and there is a excitement is building up in group chat via SL10B groups!
  • 8:50am SLT – 3 hours – 10 minutes left until things kick off for 2 weeks and final preparations are taking place on the 22 SL10B regions this year. Regions closed for access for maintenance and last minute checks. It’s recommended to wear less laggy attachments etc as the regions will be very busy for the first 3 or so hours of the opening today.


SL10B Map – Snapshot taken at 8:40am SLT today

SL10B Map Opening Day

Have fun exploring and lets celebrate 10 years of Second Life!

SL10B Press Tours Review

For the past month there has been alot of planning for SL10B Press Tours which happened yesterday on Friday 14th June at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm SLT and this year was a success on all three tours. The tours were hosted by myself, Gemma, Samantha and Saffia which ran for about 1 hour and half visiting the main landmarks of SL10B. There was alot of positive things said during the tours and it would be great to now receive feedback on what people thought of the tours/regions.

Snapshot of Tour 1 at the SL10B Welcome Area. 


The attendance this year for all three press day tours were around 20+ people which I thought was a good amount. I believe alot of press members explored the regions before and after the tours. Today is a great opportunity for press members to explore the sims and blog about the birthday experience this year. There needs to be more blog coverage this year to mark ten years of Second Life and snapshots posted on Flickr etc.

Snapshot of press members near the DJ stage on the road. 


Snapshot of Governor Linden with the press tour happening in the background. 


Thanks to all SL10B Press members for attending the SL10B Press Day tours. Share your views in comments or by IM/Notecard. Thank you! 🙂

SL10B Press Day officially opens

SL10B Press Day 2013

The 22 regions for SL10B are now officially open to SL bloggers and the SL press to explore and take snapshots of the fantastic themed builds this year. The regions opened for the press today at 12pm SLT. There will be press tours today at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm SLT to find out more about the main SL10B attractions and info/goodies will be given out. There has been huge interest in the press day this year with more than 60+ press members registering their interest.

Hopefully everyone will have fun viewing all the amazing sims and builds to celebrate 10 years of Second Life. It’s recommended that all SL10B snapshots and videos should be sent to the SL Community Celebration Flickr group. Have fun exploring!

Preview of the main SL10B landmarks!

SL10B Welcome/Historical Area – SLURL 

SL10B Welcome Area

SL10B Main Stage – SLURL

SL10B Main Stage

SL10B A’stra Stage – SLURL

A'stra Stage

SL10B Mushroom Stage – SLURL

 SL10B Mushroom Stage

SL10B Astonish Auditorium – SLURL

SL10B Astonish Auditorium

SL10B DJ Stage – SLURL

SL10B DJ Stage

SL10B Bear Island – SLURL

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B The Corn Field – SLURL

SL10B The Corn Field

SL10B Pod Tour – SLURL

SL10B Pod Tour

SL10B Maps

SL10B Map

SL10B Regions Map

SL10B Freebies can be found on the SL Marketplace. Just 2 days left until the grand opening of SL10B Community Celebration and there are many special things planned. What are your views on SL10B Press Day this year ? 🙂

New Map of SL10B & Time Capsule Design Contest starts now

A few new exciting things have been published today for the upcoming SL10B Community Celebration. Today a new SL10B Map has been released showing 22 regions, exhibitor builds and stages. The new addition regions: The Corn Field1 and SL10B Bear Island which is going to be very popular this year. The new map looks fantastic right ?

First Preview


The second announcement is that there is a SL10B time capsule design contest happening   from today and here is the notecard with full details about creating it…

SL10B Time Capsule

Creating a new time capsule is a wonderful tradition we’ve kept alive each year at the Second Life Birthday event. Residents are invited to try and create a capsule that represents something significant from that year (SL4B’s capsule had flexis, SL5B’s used glow) or something inspired by the theme of that year’s event (SL6B’s capsule was a meteorite chunk for its space theme, SL8B’s was a modified version of the event logo, SL9B’s was a giant cake).

We’re inviting Residents to propose their ideas for this year’s time capsule, so if you’re interested, here are the guidelines:

* The capsule should be (relatively) low-prim. Some of the older ones reach up to 96 prims, and some years it gets difficult to display them all. If at all possible, please be prim-friendly! This will only get worse as more and more capsules join the ranks every year.

* If you choose to make it look like a chest, box, or anything that would open in RL, we’ll need an open version AND a closed version. This allows us to keep up the illusion of “opening the capsule” at every year’s event.
(SL3B had a vault, SL5B an intelligent particle system, SL6B had an asteroid container that could open, SL7B was a portal with a vortex that could activate, SL9B was a cake that opened on top)
Don’t worry too much about scripting the open/close, we can help with that. Sometimes we can ask for modifications to the design to accommodate the look.

* Overall, be creative; this year’s theme is “Looking Back, Looking Forward” if you want to go theme-based.

* Size: Don’t go too big, the SL3B Vault is about 6meters cubed and you might consider that the upper size limit (it certainly looks massive), although nobody will be disqualified for going over it on one side or so, if the design warrants it. A tall spire won’t be rejected, a Death Star sized megasphere just might 🙂

* Some particle activity is allowed, but keep it manageable. No giant fireworks fests, but some minor activity is fine. For an example of a previous model: SL5B’s capsule has particles that float inside it, defined by the amount of items in its inventory.

* The capsule should have full perms. This is very important, as modifications may be needed; plus, it is ofcourse needed for the adding of the contents, the most important part of the capsule.

* If you submit a capsule, it will not be returned to you. So be sure to keep a copy if you want to keep it! If you do manage to screw up here, a return copy can always be arranged upon request; we’re not ogres 🙂

* If you have any low-prim pedestals or display cases, please feel free to submit them. For that matter, don’t be afraid to make a smaller capsule that stands on an independent pedestal (and yes, you may design the pedestal too; the SL5B and SL6B capsules did that very same thing)

* No guarantees that you’ll win. You may have the nicer design technically, but someone else’s might fit the theme better.

* To submit a design or to ask any related questions, please contact Will Webb, the official keeper of the capsule.

* If you’re not a good builder, do not worry. Just submit your design as best you can. We’re hoping to find a willing victim… eh, volunteer… who might help out in touching up the winning design if you’re afraid that your skills aren’t up to the task at hand.

* Be creative.

* Last but not least, the previous capsules may be seen upon request, for those of you that need a bit of inspiration and guidance in choosing your design.

Good luck 🙂

3 days left until the grand opening of SL10B Community Celebration. Stay tuned for the latest news on my blog and for the latest snapshots check out my SL Flickr stream.

List of SL10B Flickr Groups to Join

SL10B Snapshots

Here is a list of SL10B Flickr Groups to join to share your SL10B snapshots with the SL Community. All groups are free to join (more members needed) and it will be great to have a massive collection of snapshots before the end of the month. I’ll add more to the list when I hear about them. Please spread the word to friends and share SL10B photos.

1. SL Community Celebration 

2. Second Life SL10B Bear Avatar Photos

3. My SL10B Newbie Makeover

4. SL10B Community Celebration Photo Contest- Now Closed

I’ll add more to the list above when I hear about them. Please spread the word to friends and share SL10B photos here in the groups.

Ready for SL10B Press Day

  • I’m all set for SL10B Press Day on Friday and Saturday.
  • Over 50+ SL press media/bloggers have signed up this year.

Latest Update

Currently the SL10B sims are closed for 24 hours while all builds are being inspected and approved again. Regions are set to open at 12:01am SLT on Friday 14th June 2013 for builders. Press Members will have access starting at 12pm SLT on Friday. Press Tours will be happening at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm SLT on both days. Then the big grand opening will take place at 12pm SLT on Sunday 16th June 2013 when we will celebrate 10 years of Second Life for 2 weeks. Woooot!!!

New regions for SL10B this year!

  • Bear Island
  • Corn Field

Are you excited ? 

SL10B Community Celebration Press Day Announcement

4 days to go

Please spread the word about SL10B Press Day and apply today!

There are just 4 days to go until the grand opening of resident-run SL10B Community Celebration and after carefully planning by myself and Gemma Cleanslate it’s good to announce that press day is set for Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June 2013. SL10B Press Day is a chance for all SL bloggers and SL news media to get a early sneak preview of the 21 SL10B sims before it opens to the public on 16th June 2013.

Last year for SL9B the press day was very successful and I enjoyed managing a few press tours for press members. I hope that SL10b Press Day will be exciting and interesting this year. If you have any questions then please contact me. 🙂

  • 2 days to go until Press Day
  • Over 50+ press members have applied this year

SL10B Map – 21 sims this year!

SL10B Map

SL10B Map of region names

SL10B Map Regions

SL10B Press Day Press Release

If you would like to have a early sneak preview of the 21 SL10B sims, then join us for SL10B Community Celebration Press Day Events on Friday 14th June 2013.and Saturday 15th June 2013.

Opens to press at 12pm SLT on Friday
Closes to press at 6pm SLT on Saturday

There will also be special guided Press Tours (starting at the Welcome Area) at:
All times SLT.

Press Packs will be given out to all people taking the tour, full of goodies donated by exhibitors. There will also be information on the Long Walk (the special Hunt we are organising) and a list of very useful landmarks!

Press members are welcome to take snapshots, videos and blog on the SL10B Community Celebration sims. Press Tours include visiting the main attractions of SL10B and fantastic resident created builds. It’s recommended to ride the pod tour around the SL10B sims to see many amazing builds.

All members of the Press who have signed up for our Press Group are very welcome to attend although – to help us organise numbers – it would very much help us if you could also complete the form here.

Please complete the application form below for the press tours!

Avination releases HTTP Inventory Throtteling to OpenSim

Leonie Gaertner (Saphira A-Team) who is apart of the Community Management / Public Relations team on Avination has published a press release announcing that Avination has released HTTP Inventory Throtteling to OpenSim. “HTTP-Inventory throttling reduces the amount of data sent in one burst to allow sim and viewer to actually process the data and not overloading sim or viewer.”

Read the Press Release for more details…

Avination releases HTTP Inventory Throtteling to OpenSimulator

Avination is once again helping the open source community to create a better platform to develop
virtual worlds and to improve performance and usability of OpenSimulator

When Avatars login to virtual worlds, large amounts of data has to be transferred between the server and the client
computer. Viewers often have to request many items at once and this data is mostly transferred using the well known
HTTP protocol. Having to suddenly deal with that amount of data all at once can often result in massive overload of
both the client and sever network connections. This can cause viewer disconnects and crashes as well as server
instability and teleport failures

So what can we do about this problem?

The solution is to take a step back and send data slightly slower to allow both sides time to work and fulfill requests for data rather then being allowing the endpoints to just request the same data over and over again.  HTTP-Inventory throttling does does just that. HTTP-Inventory throttling reduces the amount of data sent in one burst to allow sim and viewer to actually process the data and not overloading sim or viewer.

Avination has developed code that implements this feature and has been tested and used in Avination for quite some
time. This code now being introduced via code donation to OpenSimulator. Avination is once again helping the open
source community to create a better platform to develop virtual worlds and to improve performance and usability of OpenSimulator.

Main links and contact info  

OpenSimulator: web: http://www.opensimulator.org
Avination: web: http://www.avination.com
contact Leonie Gaertner; Mail: leonie@avination.com; Tel: +49 152 – 36926035

This is very interesting news and a positive way forward for Avination I think. It’s great to know Avination is helping the opensim community build a better platform for the users.