SL WordPress Plugins to try out

Today I discovered a interesting list of  SL WordPress Plugins worth trying out if you love blogging about Second Life via WordPress. On the WordPress Plugins page there are 25, 546 plugins available and so far there have been 474, 441, 718 plugin downloads overall which is unbelievable. I manged to find 9 SL WordPress Plugins during my search for “Second Life”.

  • Click the links below for more details about installing each SL WordPress Plugin…
  • If you have installed any of these SL WordPress Plugins, please share your views/reviews in comments below!

SL WordPress Plugins 

  1. SL User Create – Allows Second Life® users to get automatically registered to a WordPress site by touching an object with a special script.
  2. Online Status inSL – This simple plugin with associated widget allows you to show your online status in Second Life.
  3. Metaverse ID – “Metaverse ID” for WordPress is based on the work of the currently retired swslr project. The plugin aims to allow its users to place widgets into the sidebars of their WordPress blogs that let them show of their profiles around the Metaverse.
  4. SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: LSL Brush – This is a Linden Scripting Language (LSL) brush for the “SyntaxHighlighter Evolved” plugin, the scripting language used in Second Life.
  5. Gwyn’s Imagemap Selector – Gwyn’s Imagemap Selector uses shortcodes to define imagemaps, assign an image to it, and automatically make queries on the WordPress database to extract the appropriate links.
  6. Name2Key Secondlife – A plugin that provides a Secondlife Name2key Service
  7. SL Tools – SL Tools provides a set of tools for Second Life bloggers. The current version includes the following features: * SLURL shortcode to quickly include Second Life locations in you posts and pages. * SLURL widget to place your favorite locations in a dynamic sidebar. * LSL syntax highlighter – code can be entered inline or imported from a file.
  8. SL Map – SL-Map uses an asynchronous wrapper to the API to allow JavaScript to rapidly process all second life links (SLURLs) and append the region image to the link.
  9. SL TP Widget – Adds a link to your second life location via slurl. It makes it easy to add a location based on Second Life’s coordinate system.

What are Plugins ?

Plugins can extend WordPress to do almost anything you can imagine. In the directory you can find, download, rate, and comment on all the best plugins the WordPress community has to offer.


Second Life officially turns 10 years old

It’s now 12am SLT on Sunday morning and Second Life has now reached a very special big milestone because Second Life is now officially ten years old. Second Life first opened to the public on 23rd June 2003 when it was just a small growing virtual world. 10 years later Second Life is huge with 27, 182 regions and it’s great that Second life is still popular with thousands of residents of the community.

Happy 10th Birthday Second Life and big thanks to Linden Lab for all the hard work they have done over the years.  Special thanks to all the CEOs of Linden Lab so far Philip Linden, M Linden and Rodvik Linden for making it possible.

Lets eat some SL10B cake to celebrate 10 amazing years of Second Life!!!


Lets party!!

SL Map at 12am on Sunday 23rd June 2013

SL Map - 23rd June 2013

SL10B map at 12am on Sunday 23rd June 2013

SL10B - 23rd June 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Second Life and here is to another 10 years! 😀

Last day of live events at SL10B Community Celebration

It’s been one week since SL10B Community Celebration opened it’s doors to the SL community to celebrate 10 amazing years of Second Life. Today marks the last day of live performance events at the main stages. The 22 SL10B sims will remain open until Saturday 29th June 2013 for viewing the exhibits and main stages.

I strongly recommend visiting the SL10B sims for the beautiful landscape and great creativity this year. What did you think of SL10B live events this year compared with previous birthdays ? 

Come and celebrate 10 years of Second Life and be part of SL history.

SL10B DJ Stage 45+

Dance the night away!!

SL10B Classy Souvenirs of SL

Check out this amazing exhibit today at SL10B showing Classy Souvenirs of SL showing memories of past and present. This exhibit was built by DrFran Babcock. You can take free copies of the historical spoons, dishes, ash trays and bottles. There are spoons of historical places, grid locations, maps and Lindens at Linden Lab.

Teleport to Classy Souvenirs of SL at SL10B

Overall snapshot of the SL10B Classy Souvenirs of SL exhibit 

SL10B Classy Souvenirs of SL

Historical Linden spoons for free

SL10B Classy Souvenirs of SL

Historical places spoons for free

SL10B Classy Souvenirs of SL

This is really awesome and very historical indeed.

My personal rating is 10/10!

Linden Lab publishes interesting SL10B Infographic

There are now just 2 days until Second Life officially turns 10 years old on Sunday 23rd June 2013 and Linden Lab have published a really interesting SL10B Infographic of ten years of Second Life in a recent press release via I’m very surprised with many others by the stats released. I do like the layout of the graphics and interesting stats shown below. It makes good sense for the lab to publish these stats after ten years. I would like to see the return of quarterly SL economy stats again to see what is going on with the SL economy. Agree?

What’s new ?

  • 36 million accounts created
  • $3.2 billion (USD) total transactions among users for virtual goods within the Second Life economy
  • 217, 266 years the equivalent of total time users have spent in Second Life
  • More than 1 million users visit from around the world monthly
  • An average of about 400, 000 new registrations are created monthly
  • Second Life’s landmass is nearly 700 SQ. MI. Roughly 14 times the size of San Francisco where Linden Lab is headquartered
  • 1.2 million daily transactions for virtual goods
  • 2.1 million user-created virtual goods for sale. The most purchased items are women’s hairstyles.
  • Most popular categories in the Destination Guide – GamesEventsAdventures & Fantasy 

New SL10B Infographic

The Future of Second Life. Before 2023!

If Second Life is still around in ten years from now it will be interesting to find what those infographic stats will be like in June 2023. Hopefully Second Life will be around for another ten years or so and it’s going to be exciting to see what lies ahead. I’ve now been in Second Life for almost 7 years and seen many changes over the years.

I think we will see more new technology introduced from Linden Lab in the coming years making Second Life more realistic, faster and better improved. I would love to see growth in the SL economy again and more users staying with Second Life in the coming years. More regular communications (blog posts, office hours, social media updates) between Linden Lab and SL community would be nice. Revamped new user experience and a return of the volunteer program would be most welcome to many. Finally I would love to see Linden Lab supporting seasonal big events like BURN2, SL birthdays and Winterfest.

What do you predict will happen with Second Life in the next ten years ?

SL10B Clanis Telehub

When exploring the SL10B regions I came across a very historical Clanis Telehub in one of the plots located in the north of the SL10B Astonish region. There is a Telehub Mini to view at the Time Capsule area located east of the SL10B Welcome Area this year.

Telehubs were first created in the release of version 1.1.0 of Second Life back in October 2003 and were stopped in December 2005. It’s amazing its been 10 years since telehubs were introduced and today the latest viewer version is now 3.6.0. Telehubs were created by Linden Lab for residents to explore the grid. They would first arrive at a Telehub then they would follow a red vector line to their destination on the region.

Telehubs have a free SL Map on the side and free Linden content on the front. View historical objects from the past and enjoy!

Choose and receive free Linden content. 

Telehub at SL10B

In the early days SL residents would of rezzed on these small round platforms. 

Telehub at SL10B

A historical map of Second Life in November/December 2003. Still free to copy!

Map from Nov/Dec 2003

Telehub Mini at SL10B Welcome Area – Time Capsule area worth checking out!

Telehub Mini at SL10B

There are still telehubs around in Second Life today from 2003 to visit.

  • Waterhead Welcome Area – SLURL
  • The Free Bazaar in Stillman – SLURL

SL10B shown on SL Login Screen

SL10B Community Celebration is now featured on the Second Life Login Screen when logging into the grid. Thanks to Linden Lab for adding it to the welcome screen. Click on Select to set as your starting location and arrive each time at the SL10B Welcome Area.

Check this out!

SL10B on SL welcome page


SL10B Pod Tours

At the SL10B Welcome Area there is a pod tour station where you can travel around the birthday sims and enjoy the views of the fantastic themed builds this year at the SL10B Community Celebration. Next to the pod tour station is a new SL10B vendor to grab free stuff from Linden Lab. It’s highly recommended to ride the ALL pod tours around the SL10B regions to see amazing creativity by the SL community. It’s the best way and it’s really informative.

Live SL10B Pod Tour Map

SL10B Pod Tour

SL10B Pod Tour board

SL10B Pod Tours

Teleport Here to start the SL10B Pod Tour.

  • The pod tour will travel through the SL10B regions pointing out some interesting SL10B builds with information about them. Allow at least 30 minutes to complete all the pod tours at SL10B on Western Sims/Eastern Sims.  
  • Right Click the Pod and Sit to start the pod tour.
  • Enjoy!

SL10B Pod Tour station with pod cars ready to travel

SL10B Pod Tours#

The pod tour exploration…

SL10B Pod Tour

It’s fun and exciting..

SL10B Pod Tour

What will you discover on the SL10B Pod Tour ? 

Latest SL10B videos worth watching

There have been many new SL10B uploaded videos on YouTube in the past few days or so which is definitely worth watching. Hopefully more great SL10B videos will be uploaded in the next week or so of this huge historical tenth Second Life birthday event.

1. SL10B: Meet The Artists – Rowan Derryth interviews Gracie Kendal

A discussion with the acclaimed virtual and mixed-meda artist.

2. SL10B: Meet The Designers – Saffia Widdershins interviews Sachi Vixen of “Adam& Eve”

Great discussion on a wide variety of creative work and projects with a long-standing designer in Second Life.

3. Inworld Review: 16 June 13

Mention of the SL10B Community Celebration

4. Draxtor Destinations Episode 3 : The Behemoth at SL10B

Second Life, the user-created universe of unbridled digital creativity is turning 10 this month and Loki Eliot has created a monster: the behemoth is a not-really-thinly veiled metaphor for SL in pixel flesh and blood, complete with tiny engineers explaining to the visitor how the best of intentions to nourish and raise a cute infant child of creative expression led to the uncontrollable beauty we enjoy today…

5. SL10B The Reactor

SL10B Community Celebration stage build – The Reactor – filmed by Moo Money in only 4 hours (including editing). Inside shots filmed with Rescene by Logan Bauer

SL10B Bear Island & The Corn Field

Today I went to visit the historical SL10B Bear Island and The Corn Field regions which were added by Linden Lab just days before the grand opening last Sunday. When you first arrive at SL10B Bear Island you will find hundreds of Linden Bears from the past decade in Second Life on display for free. Just right-click the Linden bears and get them FREE.

The tradition for many years in Second Life was if you met a Linden inworld, you could ask for their Linden Bear. Lindens would make a Linden Bear to reflect their personality or role at the lab. If you want a nice collection of Linden Bears, now is your chance to do so before July when the birthday sims will go offline for another year. See below for snapshots and the corn field. 😀

Teleport to SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

Teleport to The Corn Field

In the early days (pre-2006) of Second Life Linden Lab introduced a system with a Twilight Zone twist to punish misbehaving residents in Second Life in which they were sent to The Corn Field which was like a prison. In the Corn Field there is a tractor, black & white television playing a feed of the 1940 educational film called Boy in Court and all of this is surrounded by rows of corn.

In the past The Corn Field was used during Halloween events hosted by Linden Lab. The Corn Field near Bay City in Second Life is closed for public access which remains today. The SL10B Corn Field is really fun exploring and its very scary in the dark.

Misbehavior in Second Life game punished by exile to “the corn field”

Sometimes when someone is suspended for a short time they are sent to the cornfield,” Linden Lab’s Senior VP of Community and Support wrote on the official Second Life discussion forums yesterday, adding that building the cornfield didn’t require any significant development work and reassuring the community that “Once someone is permanently banned they are no longer welcome in Second Life, anywhere, including the cornfield.”

SL10B Corn Field

SL10B The Corn Field

SL10B The Corn Field

Wow, two amazing regions at SL10B this year with a historical twist to both regions.

Check them out today!