The Drax Files: Episode 8: MadPea Games

Watch the new episode 8 of The Drax Files called MadPea Games. Great video production and good coverage of MadPea Games this week. Great work as usual, Drax. 🙂

Details about Episode 8

The debate if SecondLife is a game or not is alive and well at least since on NBC’s The Office [2007] Dwight Schrute rejects a narrow definition of the vast virtual world in which he “plays” a paper salesman.

Meanwhile, Finland based design company MadPea Games has not been paying much attention to this back and forth, instead churning out complex immersive adventure games and game-based learning concepts within SecondLife using the platform’s vast array of tools to the fullest. 

MadPea’s globally dispersed team operates as if they are working out of a joint because the persistent universe of SL allows them to do just that: scripters from Holland manipulate game mechanics with 3D modelers from the United States in real-time while designers from Germany, France and the UK test game flow on their new work-in-progress action game “Unia”, disproving assumptions that only consoles can handle intense game-play, high-end graphics and epic storylines.

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2 thoughts on “The Drax Files: Episode 8: MadPea Games

  1. Time will tell on that, but the interview is yet again an excellent one, Draxtor keeps on delivering with these interviews. The concepts covered in this episode, games, storytelling etc. are ones that really interest me. However Madpea are in a position that many individual residents aren’t, therefore the main challenges of delivering a game/storytelling/roleplaying environment that individual residents face, such as meeting tier payments, are not as big stumbling block for Madpea as they would be for an individual resident wo was looking to develop in these areas. That’s not to say Madpea don’t need to meet tier, I have no idea how they are funded, but they are in a position to deliver content, which is great to see and great for Second Life. However for many people in Second Life, the high cost of tier stifles even dipping their toes in the water when it comes to storytelling and games, which is a shame, but that’s how the land lies.


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