SL10B Clanis Telehub

When exploring the SL10B regions I came across a very historical Clanis Telehub in one of the plots located in the north of the SL10B Astonish region. There is a Telehub Mini to view at the Time Capsule area located east of the SL10B Welcome Area this year.

Telehubs were first created in the release of version 1.1.0 of Second Life back in October 2003 and were stopped in December 2005. It’s amazing its been 10 years since telehubs were introduced and today the latest viewer version is now 3.6.0. Telehubs were created by Linden Lab for residents to explore the grid. They would first arrive at a Telehub then they would follow a red vector line to their destination on the region.

Telehubs have a free SL Map on the side and free Linden content on the front. View historical objects from the past and enjoy!

Choose and receive free Linden content. 

Telehub at SL10B

In the early days SL residents would of rezzed on these small round platforms. 

Telehub at SL10B

A historical map of Second Life in November/December 2003. Still free to copy!

Map from Nov/Dec 2003

Telehub Mini at SL10B Welcome Area – Time Capsule area worth checking out!

Telehub Mini at SL10B

There are still telehubs around in Second Life today from 2003 to visit.

  • Waterhead Welcome Area – SLURL
  • The Free Bazaar in Stillman – SLURL

2 thoughts on “SL10B Clanis Telehub

  1. In many respects telehubs had advantages over today’s direct teleport. They were scattered here and there across the mainland and often you had to follow the beacon across several regions to your destination (exploring on the way).
    There are still telehubs in your library. Unless LL has done some major rework it is instructive to deconstruct them to see the state of the building art at the time they were made, worth a laugh anyway 🙂


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