SL10B Pod Tours

At the SL10B Welcome Area there is a pod tour station where you can travel around the birthday sims and enjoy the views of the fantastic themed builds this year at the SL10B Community Celebration. Next to the pod tour station is a new SL10B vendor to grab free stuff from Linden Lab. It’s highly recommended to ride the ALL pod tours around the SL10B regions to see amazing creativity by the SL community. It’s the best way and it’s really informative.

Live SL10B Pod Tour Map

SL10B Pod Tour

SL10B Pod Tour board

SL10B Pod Tours

Teleport Here to start the SL10B Pod Tour.

  • The pod tour will travel through the SL10B regions pointing out some interesting SL10B builds with information about them. Allow at least 30 minutes to complete all the pod tours at SL10B on Western Sims/Eastern Sims.  
  • Right Click the Pod and Sit to start the pod tour.
  • Enjoy!

SL10B Pod Tour station with pod cars ready to travel

SL10B Pod Tours#

The pod tour exploration…

SL10B Pod Tour

It’s fun and exciting..

SL10B Pod Tour

What will you discover on the SL10B Pod Tour ? 

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