SL10B Bear Island & The Corn Field

Today I went to visit the historical SL10B Bear Island and The Corn Field regions which were added by Linden Lab just days before the grand opening last Sunday. When you first arrive at SL10B Bear Island you will find hundreds of Linden Bears from the past decade in Second Life on display for free. Just right-click the Linden bears and get them FREE.

The tradition for many years in Second Life was if you met a Linden inworld, you could ask for their Linden Bear. Lindens would make a Linden Bear to reflect their personality or role at the lab. If you want a nice collection of Linden Bears, now is your chance to do so before July when the birthday sims will go offline for another year. See below for snapshots and the corn field. 😀

Teleport to SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B Bear Island

Teleport to The Corn Field

In the early days (pre-2006) of Second Life Linden Lab introduced a system with a Twilight Zone twist to punish misbehaving residents in Second Life in which they were sent to The Corn Field which was like a prison. In the Corn Field there is a tractor, black & white television playing a feed of the 1940 educational film called Boy in Court and all of this is surrounded by rows of corn.

In the past The Corn Field was used during Halloween events hosted by Linden Lab. The Corn Field near Bay City in Second Life is closed for public access which remains today. The SL10B Corn Field is really fun exploring and its very scary in the dark.

Misbehavior in Second Life game punished by exile to “the corn field”

Sometimes when someone is suspended for a short time they are sent to the cornfield,” Linden Lab’s Senior VP of Community and Support wrote on the official Second Life discussion forums yesterday, adding that building the cornfield didn’t require any significant development work and reassuring the community that “Once someone is permanently banned they are no longer welcome in Second Life, anywhere, including the cornfield.”

SL10B Corn Field

SL10B The Corn Field

SL10B The Corn Field

Wow, two amazing regions at SL10B this year with a historical twist to both regions.

Check them out today!

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