Latest SL10B videos worth watching

There have been many new SL10B uploaded videos on YouTube in the past few days or so which is definitely worth watching. Hopefully more great SL10B videos will be uploaded in the next week or so of this huge historical tenth Second Life birthday event.

1. SL10B: Meet The Artists – Rowan Derryth interviews Gracie Kendal

A discussion with the acclaimed virtual and mixed-meda artist.

2. SL10B: Meet The Designers – Saffia Widdershins interviews Sachi Vixen of “Adam& Eve”

Great discussion on a wide variety of creative work and projects with a long-standing designer in Second Life.

3. Inworld Review: 16 June 13

Mention of the SL10B Community Celebration

4. Draxtor Destinations Episode 3 : The Behemoth at SL10B

Second Life, the user-created universe of unbridled digital creativity is turning 10 this month and Loki Eliot has created a monster: the behemoth is a not-really-thinly veiled metaphor for SL in pixel flesh and blood, complete with tiny engineers explaining to the visitor how the best of intentions to nourish and raise a cute infant child of creative expression led to the uncontrollable beauty we enjoy today…

5. SL10B The Reactor

SL10B Community Celebration stage build – The Reactor – filmed by Moo Money in only 4 hours (including editing). Inside shots filmed with Rescene by Logan Bauer


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