SL10B History Walk

It’s really worth checking out the SL10B History Walk at the SL Community Celebrations to see history of Second Life and historical objects. The historical walk is very interesting and its a great way to find out about Second Life from 2002 in beta to 2013 today. Walk through the ages of Second Life. After you have completed the walk its worth walking to the SL10B Welcome Area, Avatar Central and Time Capsule area in the SL10B Beguile region. The Man and other historical areas can be found nearby. All areas are linked by a path and small info boards can be found along the way.

Arrival at the SL10B History WalkSLURL

  • Check out SL History from 2002 to 2013 on Info Boards and Objects from those years!

SL10B History Walk

Avatar Central area – SLURL

  • Check out this historical Linden-owned store which uses recreated parts and textures

SL10B History Walk - Avatar Central

SL10B Welcome AreaSLURL

  • Visit the recreated “Newbie Corral” Welcome Area which uses vintage primwork based on archival inworld snapshots.
  • SL10B Greeters can be found here who do a great job every year on welcoming visitors!

SL10B History Walk - SL10B Welcome Area

SL10B Time Capsule areaSLURL

  • View the historical SL birthday time capsules.
  • The SL10B Time Capsule has been delayed. Hopefully it will be available soon!

SL10B History Walk - SL10B Time Capsule Area

What do you think of these SL10B Historical Areas ? 


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