SL10B Opening Day

After months and weeks of preparations the SL10B regions are now officially open to everyone to explore and have fun. Time to celebrate 10 amazing years of Second Life. Thanks to Linden Lab for making Second Life possible. Over the next week or so I’ll be blogging about SL10B so stay tuned for that.

Important Links

  • #SL10B – tweet about SL10B using the #SL10B hashtag!
  • SLURLS – visit the main stages and points of interest 
  • SL10B DESTINATIONS – list of SL10B places via The SL Destination Guide
  • LIVE EVENTS – attend live performance events 
  • LATEST SNAPSHOTS – see the latest SL10B snapshots from the SL community
  • SL10B FREEBIES – Many freebies via SL Marketplace

The SL10B Community Celebration is now OPEN for 2 weeks. Keep checking below for the latest news and updates during the day. For the next two weeks I’ll be blogging mainly about SL10B unless something big happens on the grid.

The SL10B Community Celebration is Second Life’s 10th anniversary resident-run gala celebration, and it happens from June 16 at noon slt to June 29. This year, we have 22 sims cram-packed with art, exhibitions, information, and events.

Grand Opening Schedule:

  • SL10B Regions Open to everyone at 12pm SLT then live SL10B music events take place for 1 week
  • Special Opening Ceremony at 1pm SLT – special flags

X‘s marks the spot for the SL10B flags!

SL10B Map Flags


My SL10B Blog Coverage! – 

  • 2:30pm SLT – End of blog coverage for opening day. More posts to come in the coming days with reviews on my visit around the sims.
  • 2:20pm SLT – Everyone is having a great time and there’s been a big attendance on all events so far today!

SL10B Astonish Auditorium

  • 1:05pm SLT – Flags go up to mark SL10B

SL10B flags

  • 12:48pm SLT – Just counted there are 640+ avatars in 22 SL10B regions at the moment.
  • 12:30pm SLT – The SL10B regions are packed and very busy as expected. The party is underway at the main stages and around the regions. SL10B greeters are welcoming new visitors at the SL10B Welcome Area (top middle sim).
  • 12pm SLT – SL10B regions are now OPEN – Lets celebrate 10 years of Second Life!


SL10B opening

  • 11:55am SLT – 5 minutes left to go until the grand opening
  • 11:45am SLT – 15 minutes!
  • 11:35am SLT – Sims start to slowly fill up with people.
  • 11:30am SLT – Moderated chat has started in SL10B inworld groups!
  • 11:30am SLT – 30 minutes to GO and it’s almost time to celebrate 10 years of Second Life!
  • 11:15am SLT – 45 minutes to GO!
  • 11:02am SLT –  New blog post via SL10B website > Join us at SL10B Community Celebration for the Special Opening Ceremony!
  • 11am SLT – 1 hours to go and final checks are happening right now. It’s worth looking at Ekphrasis Live-at-SL10B blog post via Prim Perfect including details about interviewing artists at the SL10B celebrations.
  • 10:40am SLT – 1 hour and 20 minutes to GO!
  • 9:20am SLT – Grand Opening at 12pm SLT. There will be a big event happening at 1pm SLT today – announcement to be made at 12:40pm SLT today!
  • 9am SLT – 3 hours left to go and there is a excitement is building up in group chat via SL10B groups!
  • 8:50am SLT – 3 hours – 10 minutes left until things kick off for 2 weeks and final preparations are taking place on the 22 SL10B regions this year. Regions closed for access for maintenance and last minute checks. It’s recommended to wear less laggy attachments etc as the regions will be very busy for the first 3 or so hours of the opening today.


SL10B Map – Snapshot taken at 8:40am SLT today

SL10B Map Opening Day

Have fun exploring and lets celebrate 10 years of Second Life!


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