SL10B Press Tours Review

For the past month there has been alot of planning for SL10B Press Tours which happened yesterday on Friday 14th June at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm SLT and this year was a success on all three tours. The tours were hosted by myself, Gemma, Samantha and Saffia which ran for about 1 hour and half visiting the main landmarks of SL10B. There was alot of positive things said during the tours and it would be great to now receive feedback on what people thought of the tours/regions.

Snapshot of Tour 1 at the SL10B Welcome Area. 


The attendance this year for all three press day tours were around 20+ people which I thought was a good amount. I believe alot of press members explored the regions before and after the tours. Today is a great opportunity for press members to explore the sims and blog about the birthday experience this year. There needs to be more blog coverage this year to mark ten years of Second Life and snapshots posted on Flickr etc.

Snapshot of press members near the DJ stage on the road. 


Snapshot of Governor Linden with the press tour happening in the background. 


Thanks to all SL10B Press members for attending the SL10B Press Day tours. Share your views in comments or by IM/Notecard. Thank you! 🙂


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