SL10B Press Day officially opens

SL10B Press Day 2013

The 22 regions for SL10B are now officially open to SL bloggers and the SL press to explore and take snapshots of the fantastic themed builds this year. The regions opened for the press today at 12pm SLT. There will be press tours today at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm SLT to find out more about the main SL10B attractions and info/goodies will be given out. There has been huge interest in the press day this year with more than 60+ press members registering their interest.

Hopefully everyone will have fun viewing all the amazing sims and builds to celebrate 10 years of Second Life. It’s recommended that all SL10B snapshots and videos should be sent to the SL Community Celebration Flickr group. Have fun exploring!

Preview of the main SL10B landmarks!

SL10B Welcome/Historical Area – SLURL 

SL10B Welcome Area

SL10B Main Stage – SLURL

SL10B Main Stage

SL10B A’stra Stage – SLURL

A'stra Stage

SL10B Mushroom Stage – SLURL

 SL10B Mushroom Stage

SL10B Astonish Auditorium – SLURL

SL10B Astonish Auditorium

SL10B DJ Stage – SLURL

SL10B DJ Stage

SL10B Bear Island – SLURL

SL10B Bear Island

SL10B The Corn Field – SLURL

SL10B The Corn Field

SL10B Pod Tour – SLURL

SL10B Pod Tour

SL10B Maps

SL10B Map

SL10B Regions Map

SL10B Freebies can be found on the SL Marketplace. Just 2 days left until the grand opening of SL10B Community Celebration and there are many special things planned. What are your views on SL10B Press Day this year ? 🙂