New records set for Relay For Life in Second Life during 2013

Nikki Mathieson posted a news update today on the RFL of SL Updates Blog about the amazing RFL season so far in Second Life. New records have been set apparently and there is updated information in the blog post about registering for RFL of Second Life. There is just a month to go until Relay Weekend in Second Life which is always a huge event.

Check out the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

RFL 2013

General Event Donations for RFL of SL 2013…

  • L$9, 933, 468 – as of 3pm SLT today!

Latest updates…

  • Getting closer (95, 000 dollars left to go) to the 2 million dollars milestone for American Cancer Society 
  • 200 teams have now registered so far
  • More than 3300 team members in rosters
  • Relay For Life is the highest earning single fundraising event in SL

The 9th annual Relay Weekend 2013 in Second Life is set to kick-off on 13th to 14th July 2013. The RFL event lasts for 24 hours across 40 sims where hundreds of teams walk around the track breaking new records. The RFL 2013 of SL theme is Past, Present, Future which is to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Amercian Cancer Society.

6 years on Flickr sharing SL snapshots

On the 7th June 2007 I uploaded my first snapshot to Flickr which was a snapshot of the former teen grid and it was much smaller back then. As the months and years went past I uploaded hundreds of snapshots sharing my journey through my teen years. I transferred to the main grid in mid December 2008 when I started to upload my adult adventures in Second Life onto Flickr. My main mission at the start was to document events and share my adventures with the SL community. I didn’t imagine I would capture thousands of snapshots at the start but somehow I managed it now looking back on 6 years on Flickr.

Historical Stats

Since then I’ve taken 22,410 snapshots of my Second Life journey through the years and in total I’ve had 22,298 views which is just unbelievable I think. In total there have been 2,519 comments on my Flickr stream since 7th June 2007 which is amazing and thanks to everyone that wrote comments/viewed my snapshots over the years on my SL Flickr stream. In the groups section on my SL Flickr I admin 23 groups, moderate 5 and I belong to 452 groups. On my contact list on Flickr I’ve now got a huge total of 1, 115 friend contacts  and I would like to say a big thanks for being a fan of my Flickr stream since the beginning.

The Future 

I’m staying with Flickr to share my adventures with you from Second Life and OpenSim for many years to come yet. I’m proud of all the milestones I’ve reached since June 2007 and hopefully more records will be broken in the near future. I’m excited and looking forward to what will come next in my journey through Second Life.

View My SL collections on Flickr to see many cool snapshots over the past 6 years on Flickr. There are 10 main collections full of great SL snapshots I’ve took which is really worth looking at.

My SL Flickr collections

View My SL Sets on Flickr to see the best snapshots I’ve captured of events, places, avatars and changes in Second Life during the past 6 years on Flickr. There are 152 sets full of awesome snapshots of Second Life.

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My SL Flickr sets

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My Flickr sets 2

Stay tuned for more great snapshots on my SL Flickr stream!