8 days to go until SL10B Community Celebration

SL10B 8 days to go

There are now just 8 days remaining until the big grand opening of the resident run SL10B Community Celebration event to mark Second Life tenth birthday on Sunday 16th June 2013. Building work is almost complete on the SL10B regions which is themed Looking Forward – Looking Back. Futuristic and historical builds is what I’m looking forward to seeing the most to mark 10 years of Second Life.

Important Dates Remaining…

  • Final day for building – 12th June
  • Sim inspections – sims closed to builders – 13th June
  • Press Day – 14th to 15th June 
  • Grand Opening – 16th June 2013
  • Official Birthday of Second Life – 23rd June
  • Final day of performances – 23rd June 
  • Sims close to the public – 29th June 
  • All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline – 1st July 

More coverage to come soon! 🙂