The Drax Files: Episode 7 with Rodvik Humble

Watch Episode 7 with Rodvik Humble the CEO of Linden Lab talk about Second Life. Episode 7 runs for 5 minutes and its available to watch now.  It’s great to see Rodvik Humble exploring inworld locations and active again. Later this month Second Life celebrates it’s tenth birthday and this is a great way to start a new month with the CEO of Linden Lab in this special of the Drax Files SL series.

Rodvik Humble mentioned some updated stats about Second Life which is very interesting to share.

  • Over half a billion US dollars in user to user transactions
  • After ten years – over a million people active every month
  • 400, 000 sign up every month
  • Over 176 employees at Linden Lab
  • San Francisco is the main office of Linden Lab
  • And there’s more! (see video below)

Yay, Rodvik Linden has returned. This is by far the best video of Rodvik Linden and interview in Second Life ever I think. It’s all good, very positive and exciting to watch. I’m sure the SL community will absolutely love this special episode 7 of the Drax Files

British native Rod Humble is possibly America’s most honest CEO: “I have no idea why it’s magic but it is!” he says about his company’s core product – the vast digital sandbox known as Second Life! 

This sprawling virtual universe, solely created by its users, administered by Linden Lab from their San Francisco headquarters and simulated in server farms all over the world, is turning 10 years old this June and with over 1 million active monthly users it has outlived many prestigious game titles in the highly competitive market of digital entertainment. 

What is Second Life’s secret? Mr. Humble tries to get to the bottom of what makes open-ended creative platforms superior to other digital offerings, how community driven markets  that are not constrained by geographic boundaries work and ponders the power of avatar-based interaction in this special Drax Files/World Makers episode.

Spread the word and comment below on what you thought of episode 7 of The Drax Files ?


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