Builder’s Brewery Group Growth – Road to 20,000 Members

A interesting group notice was sent out today in the Builder’s Brewery today about the growth curve of membership since May 2012. It’s predicted  the Builder’s Brewery group will reach 20, 000 members sometime in October 2013. Around 18.12 members joining per day over a period of 364 days.

Check out this growth rate over the past year:

  • 31st May 2012 – 11, 000 members
  • 23rd July 2012 – 12, 000 members
  • 24th September 2012 – 13, 000 members
  • 12th November 2012 – 14, 000 members
  • 4th January 2013 – 15, 000 members
  • 25th February 2013 – 16, 000 members
  • 1st May 2013 – 17, 000 members
  • 30th May 2013 – 17, 602 members
  • October 2013 – 20, 000 members predicted 

What is Builder’s Brewery ? 

Established in 2008, the Builders Brewery is proudly recognized as one of the busiest and most loved premier schools for content creators in a Virtual World.  The Builders Brewery hosts well over 50 free classes every week, each taught by some of the most respected and celebrated professionals in Virtual Worlds.

In addition to our very active school and many popular events, we run one of the largest and most active content creator’s help groups on the grid, the “Builders Brewery” group.

Builder’s Brewery Calendar full of educational events and many classes!. Builders Brewery is known for SL classes, textures & building supplies and loved for the best content creators groups in Second Life. It’s a popular destination for builders and scripters on the grid!

Teleport to Builders Brewery!


2 thoughts on “Builder’s Brewery Group Growth – Road to 20,000 Members

  1. Even more amazing is the short time of regrowth. A little over a year and a half ago, in November 2011, the Builders Brewery lost approx. 17,600 members (which took 4 years to accumulate) in a mass ejection, caused by some kind of SL and Bot glitch, leaving only 400 members by the time it was stopped. You actually blogged about it here It could have grown faster, but Builders Brewery wanted quality over quantity, so requires people to go to the sim to join. This helps make use of an extensive blacklist, keeping repeat offenders out, a small inconvenience, but has been well worth it


    1. Thanks, Sensuous. Yeah its a shame about the mass ejection from that glitch a few years ago now.

      However it’s good to see growth in the group again and hopefully the 20, 000 mark will be reached very soon. 🙂


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