Linden Lab updates Project Sunshine

Linden Lab announced on the official Second Life Blog updated changes about the new Project Sunshine which is going to improve avatar rezzing during logins and avatar rebake requests in Second Life. These updated changes will make the user experience faster and more reliable than ever before. Linden Lab mentions in the blog post better performance gains and less time in clouded avatar states which is very encouraging news I think.

Linden Lab have released a new required viewer update to enjoy Project Sunshine. Third Party Viewers have apparently have Project Sunshine enabled versions. The server side update will be rolling out soon according to Linden Lab. Download the official Second Life Viewer (version 3.5.3).

Watch the new video tutorial by Torley Linden and learn more about the new changes to Project Sunshine. Watch the video for comparisons of the old and new system because it looks really amazing. Update viewer today!!!



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