New version of Lumiya 2.4.5 is now available

A new version of Lumiya Viewer is now available (2.4.5 ) on the Google Play Store for SL Android users to try out. The new version includes inventory search, improvements to memory usage, support for profile pictures/picks/notes and much more. The user experience just got better with this new version and I recommend this app to everyone in Second Life/OpenSim. It’s really worth trying out Lumiya if you interested in SL apps.

Lumiya Viewer is a Second Life app for Android phones and tablets. Lumiya is the best and most popular android apps at the moment for Second Life/OpenSim grids so far I think. Created by Alina Lyvette!

New improvements in  2.4.5:

  • Inventory search.
  • Auto reconnect after connection loss.
  • Improved handling of large inventories.
  • Runtime texture compression to reduce memory usage.
  • Support for multiple external storage devices.
  • Support for profile pictures, picks and notes.
  • Online/offline notifications in chat windows.
  • Option to deactivate active group.

Try out Lumiya 2.4.5 here

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