SL10B sims now open for exhibitors

The SL10B Community Celebration sims are now open (as of 12pm SLT today) for exhibitors to start building for the tenth birthday of Second Life which is just 21 days away. This year over 500 exhibitor applications were received by the SL community which is just incredible. It’s going to be very exciting and interesting hopefully to see the builds for the theme of Looking Back – Looking Forward.

SL10B Community Celebration applications are still being processed and accept confirmation emails are being sent out. Keep checking the email inbox regularly. Once received the confirmation the building begins! 🙂

First preview of the SL10B Map

SL10B sims

 21 days left to GO! 


New version of Lumiya 2.4.5 is now available

A new version of Lumiya Viewer is now available (2.4.5 ) on the Google Play Store for SL Android users to try out. The new version includes inventory search, improvements to memory usage, support for profile pictures/picks/notes and much more. The user experience just got better with this new version and I recommend this app to everyone in Second Life/OpenSim. It’s really worth trying out Lumiya if you interested in SL apps.

Lumiya Viewer is a Second Life app for Android phones and tablets. Lumiya is the best and most popular android apps at the moment for Second Life/OpenSim grids so far I think. Created by Alina Lyvette!

New improvements in  2.4.5:

  • Inventory search.
  • Auto reconnect after connection loss.
  • Improved handling of large inventories.
  • Runtime texture compression to reduce memory usage.
  • Support for multiple external storage devices.
  • Support for profile pictures, picks and notes.
  • Online/offline notifications in chat windows.
  • Option to deactivate active group.

Try out Lumiya 2.4.5 here