Rodvik Humble visits Bay City

Rodvik Humble who is CEO of Linden Lab today came inworld for about half an hour to hang out with SL residents in the Weston region in Bay City. A large crowd formed around Rodvik within minutes and had a interesting discussion. The reason that Rodvik Humble came inworld will be revealed soon. Wooooot!!!!


Rodvik in Bay City!

Rodvik visits Bay City

Rodvik Humble also went to visit the 1920’s Berlin project this week in Second Life. See details here!. It’s good that Rodvik is visiting places again in Second Life and hopefully this trend will continue. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Rodvik Humble visits Bay City

  1. It is nice Linden Lab is acknowledging mainland communities. Mabey he will announce more double prim mainland. That may rejuvenate the mainland and we won’t see so many abandoned regions.


  2. Damn:) And there are 3 lots at auction and we did thought to bid on one, but now the Mt2 is already on L. 120.000!!!
    And yes its nice to see Rod visiting well known communities, perhaps he could visit Zindra community or the Shire one!
    Mainland, i keep saying, is the Card that Linden Lab holds that no other grid has (Inworldz has mainland but so far i do believe is the only one) and one that still many Sl users don’t know about!


  3. Pathfinder Linden and various Linden were seen in world in the early years .. to great benefit. Amazes me how “Managers” can have an valid opinion by being detached from their product.


  4. Before 2010 there were at least 10-16 Linden office hours with residents and now there is just a few server ones left. Less Lindens wondering the grid and sims closing on a weekly basis.

    However Rodvik has been inworld recently exploring the grid so perhaps things will pick up again next month or so. Time will tell!


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