Rodvik Humble visits Bay City

Rodvik Humble who is CEO of Linden Lab today came inworld for about half an hour to hang out with SL residents in the Weston region in Bay City. A large crowd formed around Rodvik within minutes and had a interesting discussion. The reason that Rodvik Humble came inworld will be revealed soon. Wooooot!!!!


Rodvik in Bay City!

Rodvik visits Bay City

Rodvik Humble also went to visit the 1920’s Berlin project this week in Second Life. See details here!. It’s good that Rodvik is visiting places again in Second Life and hopefully this trend will continue. 🙂



Sneak preview of Home and Garden Expo 2013

Today is media and bloggers day for Home and Garden Expo 2013 in Second Life which goes on for 24 hours starting from 12pm SLT today. Many SL bloggers including myself will be exploring the sims and taking many snapshots.

HOME EXPO Teleports

This year there are “100 exhibitors showcasing the very best homes, gardens, landscaping and interiors products on 8 sims, 30 breedables exhibitors on 2 sims and 1 sim with a full entertainment schedule and market stalls”. The Home and Garden Expo helps to raise funds and awareness for RFL/American Cancer Society.

The 6th Annual Home & Garden Expo – May 24th thru June 2nd. The Expo features all areas of home and land decor in SL. Returning for its 2nd season visit the BREEDABLES FAIR, too! Both in support of Relay For Life!

Home and Garden Expo 2013 opens at 12pm SLT on Friday 24th May 2013.

Home and Garden Expo

Home & Garden Expo 2013 SLURLS

Home Expo 1: Sponsored By: Roawenwood

Home Expo 2: Sponsored By: Cheeky Pea

Home Expo 3: Sponsored By: Park Place Home Décor

Home Expo 4: Sponsored By: Stonewood Homes

Home Expo 5: Sponsored By: Galland Homes

Home Expo 6: Sponsored By: Prim Perfect Magazine

Home Expo 7: Sponsored By: PRIME

Home Expo 8: Sponsored By: Home & Garden Market

Home Expo 8: Sponsored By: Wonderful World of Meeroos

Breedables Fair 1

Breedables Fair 2

American Cancer Society

Sneak preview of Home and Garden Expo 2013





More snapshots will be posted on my SL Flickr stream and my SL web profile feed. 🙂