SL10B Community Celebration applications closed

According to the SL10B Community Celebration Blog applications have now closed for the resident run event and now the process starts on sorting through all of the applications. Acceptance notifications will be sent out in the coming days so keep checking IMS/emails.

It’s good to know there is still large support and excitement for the 10th SL birthday this year.  There are now 25 days until the grand opening of SL10B Community Celebration takes place. It’s almost here!!!

Number of applications received for SL10B

  • Over 500 exhibitor applications
  • Over 470 performer applications
  • Over 350 volunteer applications

Upcoming Dates for SL10B

  • Sims open to exhibitors on 26th May 2013 – plots have  269 prims this year!
  • Grand Opening on 16th June 2013
  • Second Life officially turns ten years old on 23rd June 2013
  • Final day of performances on 23rd June 2013
  • Sims close on 29th June 2013
  • Builds returned on 1st July 2013

Photo Contest  for SL10B

SL10B Links

If you have any questions or concerns etc about the resident run SL10B Community Celebration, please visit the Staff page.