1st Annual OpenSim Community Conference

New details have been released from AvaCon about the 1st annual OpenSim Community Conference which will be held on 7th-8th September 2013. Apparently it will include keynote speakers, presentations and topic based panels. This conference is open to opensim developers, admins, users of all opensim grids. The conference will be free to attend and registration for the event will be free on a first come served basis.

The Overte Foundation and AvaCon are pleased to announce the first annual OpenSimulator Community Conference 2013, to take place on the OpenSimulator Conference Center grid on September 7 – 8, 2013.  The OpenSimulator Community Conference will be a celebration of the platform and of the large and varied community using and creating it.  It will feature two days of keynote speakers, presentations and panels on different topics, and an expo area to showcase community activities and projects.

The conference will be held in OpenSim and it’s expected there will be around 150-200 attendees during the conference. The conference will be live streamed on UStream which sounds good if you can’t attend inworld. Hypergrid will be enabled and there will be a chance to move between different opensim grids during social hours.

Tickets for the conference will be free during June 2013 and the aim is to reach 200 users in total. It’s a first come first served basis process and registrations open on 17th June 2013. Wooooot!!!!

Volunteers sign up here

Speakers sign up here!

Sponsors apply here!

This sounds very exciting indeed for OpenSim users and its going to be interesting learn more at the conference about OpenSim. A historical first and most likely if it goes to plan there will be many more in the near future. 🙂