Happy 5th Bay City Anniversary

Today (19th May) marks five years since Linden Lab introduced the Bay City regions on the Main Grid back in May 2008. Today is another big milestone for Bay City community and this historical occasion will be awesome. It’s time to come together and celebrate 5 fantastic years of Bay City.

Bay City 5th Anniversary Event Schedule: 

  • Parade staging starts at 12pm SLT at Bay City – Harwich bandshell
  • Parade starts at 12:30pm SLT
  • Parade ends at North Channel at 1:20pm SLT
  • Live music starts from 1:30pm SLT to 4:30pm SLT
  • Performers: GoSpeed Racer and three great live acts 


Latest Updates

  • 4:50pm SLT – End of coverage 
  • 4:40pm SLT – Conga dancing takes place 
  • 4:30pm SLT – Fireworks are being set off to mark a very successful event today in Bay City
  • 4:20pm SLT – A new group notice has just been sent out

Thank you to everyone who made out anniversary such a success! Our performers, our parade block captains, Ever for work above and beyond. Those who tossed into the hat to provide some great performers, and all our marchers, viewers,and partiers. Thanks for making Bay City’s fifth so great!

  • **2pm** SLT – Over 40 avatars in North Channel all dancing to the LIVE DJ music 
  • 1:35pm SLT – Live Music is underway at the main stage in Bay City – North Channel – large audience! 
  • 1:15pm SLT – Gathering at the main stage (over 40 avatars)
  • 12:52pm SLT – Parade reaches VRC
  • 12:37pm SLT – Parade is moving down route 66! 
  • 12:30pm SLT – Parade is ready to ROLL!
  • 12:25pm SLT – Groups start to form for the parade
  • 12:10pm SLT – Over 30+ avatars have arrived
  • 12pm SLT – Happy 5th Birthday Bay City!!!
  • ** Parade Staging event has started and will last for 30 minutes ***
  • 11:55am SLT – 5 minutes and setting up has started for floats
  • 11:50am SLT – 10 minutes and counting!!! (over 20 avatars have arrived)
  • 11:45am SLT – Apparently Draxtor Despres will be filming videos – keep a watch out for Drax
  • 11:40am SLT: Excitement is building up with just 20 minutes left to go!
  • 11:20am SLT – Visitors start to arrive in Bay City – Harwich region – 40 minutes and counting!
  • 11:10am SLT – 50 minutes left to go until the event opens at 12pm SLT
  • 10:53am SLT – Bay City 5th anniversary is now being shown on the SL Login Screen (Number 2 listing) and group notices are being sent out about today’s 5th anniversary celebrations.
  • 10:40am SLT – Booster Packs are now available in the North Channel – Fairgrounds region.  Primtastic Blimp has been apparently spotted flying around Bay City!
  • 10am SLT – 2 hours to go!
  • 9am SLT – 3 hours to go and Bay City is rather empty at the moment. Final preparations are going well and everything is set.


The 5th Bay City parade travels down route 66

Bay City 5th parade_002_001

Celebrating five amazing years of Bay City in Second Life

Bay City 5th Birthday Live Music

Live performer on stage in front of 40+ avatars 

Bay City 5th Birthday Live Music_010

Latest Snapshots

Bay City 5th Anniversary Parade Route Map

Parade Route Map 2013

History of Bay City 

Happy 5th anniversary Bay City!


4 thoughts on “Happy 5th Bay City Anniversary

  1. it is the proof that a community well organized does miracles and that collaboration between that community and Linden lab is worth and should be extended to other parts of mainland!


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