RFL of SL Halfway There 2013 this weekend

A new press release has gone out about Relay For Life of Second Life Halfway There event 2013 which takes place this weekend. Starts on Friday 18th through to Saturday 19th May 2013 which is going to be very popular hopefully in Second LIfe.

Celebrating!  Rejoicing!  Cheering!  Exulting!

On May 18 – 19, Relay For Life of Second Life will celebrate the 2013 Halfway There point in a Mad Hatter kind of way!!  We invite you to join us for the Awards Ceremony scheduled for Saturday, May 18 at 4pm SLT.  The Planning Committee (Nikki, Dwen, Serina, and Sting) will be announcing the the Halfway There awards both for in-world and convio totals!  In addition, we will have some music and will be rejoicing just how awesome the 2013 season has been so far!

In addition to our events, there will be team events all weekend as well utilizing the sim. Just in case you can’t be there in person, T1 Radio will be broadcasting for us.

More details on the schedule will be published in the coming days… but for now… stay curiouser and curiouser and be ready to celebrate where we are, and be ready to stay strong to finish this season!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Sounds very exciting and its time to celebrate the season so far.

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